Carl Frieseke

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Becassine-Breton Costume.jpg

Blue Interior- Giverny -The Red Ribbon- h. 1912-13.jpg


Cesta de flores.jpg

Cherry blossoms-h.1913- Private collection.jpeg

Coral Necklace.jpg

El parasol del jardin-1909-North Carolina Museum of Art.jpg


Girl Reading.jpg

Good Morning-h. 1912-13.jpg

Lady in a garden-h.1912- Terra Foundation for the arts.jpeg

Lady trying on a hat-1909-The art Institute of Chicago.JPG

Library at La Beauvairie.jpg

Lilaceas-Terra Museum of American Art.jpg

Louise before the Mantle.jpg

Malvarrosas - 1912-13.jpg


Normandy Girl.JPG

Nude Seated at Her Dressing Table-1909-Smithsonian American Art Museum.jpg

Nurse Holding Child.jpg

On the river.jpg

Portrait of Madame Gely-On_the_couch-h.1907-Coleccion privada.JPG

Reflections-h.1908-Coleccion privada.JPG


Rose garden, Giverny.jpg

Sleep-1903-American University,Washington.JPG

Sobre el balcon.jpg

The garden pool.jpg

White lilies.jpg

Yellow tulipes.jpg

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