Arthur Hacker

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A Bacchante.jpg

A Difficulty.jpg

A Female Nude at her toilet - 1918.jpg

A Heavy Burden.jpg

A Quiet Cove, Girl Canoeing.jpg

A Skyphos, a Kylix, a Wine Jug and an Egyptian Necklace by a Greek frieze.jpg

A Wet Night at Picadilly Circus.jpg

A woodcutter and his daughter - 1892.jpg

And there was a great cry in Egypt - 1897.jpg

Autumn - 1907.jpg

Cat and mouse - 1883.jpg

Circe - 1893.jpg


Daphne - 1895.jpg

Enoch Arden, 1866..jpg

Fire Fancies.jpg

Girl in a Punt.jpg

Imprisoned Spring - 1911.jpg

Innocence -1899.jpg

Leaf Drift - 1902.jpg

Les Fleurs du Printemps.jpg

Making friends with a collie - 1889.jpg

Matinee afternoon, Picadilly Circus (study) - 1911.jpg

Mount Etna from Taormina.jpg

Musicienne du silence - 1900.jpg

On the Houseboat.jpg

Pelagia and the Philammon - 1887.jpg

Portrait of Sir Joseph Thomson (1856-1940).jpg

Portraits Of The Artists Brother.jpg

Retrato inglÚs.jpg

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