Alexei Savrasov

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A Cart-Track (Country Road) - 1873.jpg

A Provincial Cottage. Spring. 1878.JPG

A Winter Road. 1870s.JPG

After a Thunderstorm. 1870s.JPG


Autumn. 1871.JPG

Balsas e isbas, 1868.jpg

Coast of the River - 1879.jpg

Country Road - 1867.jpg

Country Road. 1873.JPG

Court Yard. Winter - 1870.jpg

Early Spring. Thaw. (1880s).JPG

Early Spring. Thaw. 1880s..JPG

Evening. Migration of birds, 1874.jpg

Lake in Mountains of Switzerland - 1864.jpg

Landscape with a Rainbow. 1881..JPG

Landscape with Oaks. 1850s.JPG

Landscape with River and Angler (1859).JPG

Landscape. Volga - 1874.jpg

Monastery Gates (1875).JPG

Moonlight Night in Village (Winter Night)- 1869.jpg

Mountain Lake, Switzerland. 1854.JPG

Oaks on River Bank. 1867.JPG

Oaks. 1855.JPG

On the Volga. 1875.JPG

Puertas del monasterio,

Rafts (1873).JPG

Rainbow. 1875..JPG

Rasputitsa (Sea of Mud, 1894).JPG

The Rooks Have Come. 1871..JPG
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